Referral Program

Invite your friends
And start earning money.

Recommend alfred24 to friends and clients and receive a reward for new users who register through your invitation and recharge their wallet.

How does it work?

Copy your unique referral link within the platform

Share the link with your friends

Earn credits when the new user recharge the wallet for the first time

Frequently asked questions.

In your reserved area of alfred24 dashboard, in the Referral Program section.

Go to your referral link

The new user will have to click the shared personal link, which will send him/her to the registration page. They can then independently complete the necessary steps to register.

You and the new user will acquire credit once the new user makes the first wallet recharge.

You can receive 10% of the amount of the first wallet recharge made by the new user.

Example: if the new user recharges €500, you will receive €50.

The amount will be credited to you in the form of a credit to be used within the platform.

The new user receives an extra 10% bonus on the value of his/her first recharge.

Example: recharge 500€, we credit 50€ more.

The Referral Program is particularly suitable for individuals, professionals and companies to promote alfred24 to their contacts.
The Referrer receives a one-time percentage of 10% on the new user’s first recharge in the form of spendable credit on the alfred24 platform.

The Partner Program is designed for professionals and companies with customers in the e-commerce world who need an advanced logistics system.
Companies and professionals who meet the qualifications required for the Partner Program receive recurring incentives and commissions in the form of credit that can be spent on the platform or transferable money directly from their wallet by sending an invoice of the amount to Alfred24.

Discover the Partner Program

Read the Terms and Conditions to learn more.

Start earning
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Why alfred24?

Alfred24 is the all-in-one platform that helps Merchants, Marketplaces and E-commerce Platforms manage worldwide shipments and returns in a simple and intuitive way.

A large network of logistics services
Receive advantageous pre-negotiated courier rates, or link your contracts.

Easy and convenient shipping Intelligently automate your e-commerce logistics.

A worldwide network
Easily reach customers around the world with international shipping services.

Super-powerful tools
We strive every day to improve and innovate logistics processes.

Continuous integrations
Alfred24 connects to platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop, Ebay and many others in just two clicks.

Our International Team works to improve last-mile logistics and make it reliable for everyone.