Smart Box Multiservices Project.

The Smart Box Multiservices project was financed through the Regional Operational Program European Regional Development Fund (ROP ERDF) for a total amount of €71,234.84. The primary goal of this project is to revolutionize the logistics industry through the implementation of an automated 24/7 mail and parcel delivery and pickup system, enriched by a range of additional services.

The evolution of e-commerce has radically transformed consumer habits, generating a growing demand for delivery services. However, traditional logistics methods cannot fully meet these new demands.

The Smart Box Multiservices project is an innovative solution to simplify and optimize the goods delivery and pickup process, offering a number of benefits in terms of both cost reduction and environmental impact.

Our main target audiences include courier companies, online buyers, small municipalities, office and office centers, residential complexes, shopping centers, and small investors. Each of these actors will benefit from the advanced features of our project, which aim to improve efficiency and accessibility in the logistics sector.

Grant granted

€ 71.234,84

Allowable expenditure

€ 284.289,33