We build locker networks, And we do it right.

Optimize deliveries and reduce your carbon footprint with our Plug&Play technologies.
Cloud-based platform
Reduced shipping costs and CO2 emissions

and others...

E-commerce has never been more demanding.

E-commerce is at the top of its growth and shows no signs of slowing down.

More and more e-commerce.
More and more deliveries.
More and more customers online.

Consumers want comfortable, convenient and reliable shopping experiences.

Make the right choice.

With proximity delivery today, it is easy to be sustainable.

Traditional deliveries.

1 in 4 parcels are not delivered.
High storage costs.

Deliveries to the locker.

100% first-time deliveries.
Reduced costs and CO2 emissions.

Our technologies and experience at the service of your goals.

An all-in-one service to manage your entire network.

Compatible with several lockers of your choice.

Accessible to all carriers and connected to supermarkets, condominiums and customers.

Lockers are innovation at the service of convenience.

Optimizes locker operations. The interface is intuitive and adaptable to your every need.

Accessible to all couriers

Intuitive dedicated interface

Get real-time support

Our solutions.

Revolutionize your shipping and make it smart: find out which solution is right for you.

Smart Locker.

Smart Lockers are the ideal solution designed to accommodate all types of purchases.

Food, clothing, technological devices.

Use cases.

Click & Collect

Logistics and couriers


Tweet Locker.

The tweet lockers are immediate and intuitive: no integration is required.

Easy to use: all you need is a smartphone.

Use cases.


Offices and business centers

Collection points

We shape the future of delivery.

Investing in Green Logistics today means reducing CO2 emissions and reducing waste, improving the efficiency of business processes and increasing economic benefits.


Reduction in carbon emissions per parcel*.


Reduced handling time per parcel*.


Reduced delivery time due to overnight transports*

*In developed and dense cities, McKinsey 2017

Our customers around the world.

And others…

And others…

And others…

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