Our lockers are smart for real, built to accommodate any online purchase.

Picking up a package at the locker is the best choice.

No more missed deliveries

Packages arrive at their destination on the first attempt.

No more waiting

The customer will not be waiting for the package, but the package will be waiting for the customer.

No more unnecessary emissions

Picking up at the locker is sustainable and good for the planet.

Your vision.
Our skills.

We are aware of the complexities involved in building a locker network that lives up to expectations.

That is why we provide all our experience.

Find out how we can help you build your customized locker network.

Our lockers:
The answer to your needs.

Ideal for supermarkets

Our lockers have refrigerated slots to maintain the temperature of fresh and frozen foods.

Food delivery

Great for delivering take-out food due to temperature-controlled slots.

Laundry and dry cleaning

Vertical slots for 24/7 delivery of shirts, jackets, and other freshly laundered items.

Dedicated API for integrations

A management software easily integrated with the information system of couriers, postal and logistics operators.

Sharing economy

Ideal for creating an independent delivery network between individuals.

Indoor and outdoor

Durable materials to meet the next generation of online shoppers as well.

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Use cases.


Streamline your stores’ purchasing processes and offer 24/7 delivery service. You will have more footfall in your stores.

Logistics operators and couriers

The future of sustainable deliveries is proximity, which helps optimize routes and makes the work of logistics operators and couriers easier.


Enhances online sales service by offering 24/7 pickup accessible to all, suitable for all types of products.

Like your ideas.

Configure your custom locker.

Single column.

Double column.


The delivery route to the locker.


online purchase


withdrawal from the merchant




delivery to the locker


SMS or email delivery confirmation


code entry in the locker


pick up the package from the locker

Build your own network of lockers and join the green logistics revolution.

We will finance your project up to 5,000,000 euros.

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