to the tune of tweets.

Vision, experience, technology.

Designed to make a difference, in any context.

Picking up a package at the locker is the best choice.

No more missed deliveries

Packages arrive at their destination on the first attempt.

No more waiting

The customer will not be waiting for the package, but the package will be waiting for the customer.

Endless possibilities

Tweet lockers are eco-friendly and maintenance-free.

Your vision.
Our skills.

We are aware of the complexities involved in building a locker network that lives up to expectations.

That is why we provide all our experience.

Find out how we can help you build your customized locker network.

Our lockers:
The answer to your needs.

Any parcel, from any courier

Receive all kinds of items, even bulky items, from all kinds of couriers. 100% guaranteed delivery.

24/7 Concierge

The digital concierge for private homes, residences, offices and business centers. Efficient and scalable for all sectors.

Indoor and outdoor

Durable materials to meet the next generation of online shoppers as well.

Independent and intuitive

Plug&Play technology makes them easy to install and use. Fast and convenient even for couriers.

Innovative Technology

They do not require Wi-Fi, third-party integrations or connection to the power grid. High-efficiency battery.

Convenient and fast delivery and returns

The ideal solution for deliveries and returns. Ability to make payment on delivery.

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Use cases.


A locker that becomes your trusted digital concierge, the first residential locker that receives mail, packages, and any kind of delivery for you.

Offices and business centers

Do you prefer to ship your packages to a place other than home? Tweet lockers are the ideal solution for making convenient, timely and quick deliveries to office or business centers.

Collection points

Make money even when your store is closed: create a locker network open to all couriers. Our lockers are optimized for 24/7 services.

Like your ideas.

Each unit is part of a system but functions independently.




Various sizes.

The delivery route to the locker.


online purchase


withdrawal from the merchant




delivery to the locker


SMS or email delivery confirmation


code entry in the locker


pick up the package from the locker

How does the locker work?

The user’s phone is granted access to the locker.

The user’s phone gets the right to the unique digital token.

The digital token is transformed into sound to generate the “tweet.”

The tweet is transmitted to the locker from the phone’s speakers.
The locker opens.

Install your Tweet Locker.


Installation and Maintenance included.
Industry 4.0.
Corporate welfare.


Monthly fee.
All-inclusive services.
Operational rental.

Build your own network of lockers and join the green logistics revolution.

We will finance your project up to 5,000,000 euros.

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